Construction Estimator & Auditor Fulltime

at Grandblocks Corporation

Job Responsibilities:

• Prepares and estimates budget costs for construction by studying plans and specifications.

• Evaluates site requirements, additions, and costing changes.

• Resolves cost differences by analyzing and collecting info.

• Writes up and presents budgets, reports, and project plans.

• Develops bids for construction projects.

• Works closely with architects, planning engineers, site engineers and the CEO

• Schedules meetings with clients, site managers, and staff.

• Navigates and understands building codes.

• Monitors construction processes.

• Stays up to date with safety codes and improvements in construction.

• Regularly conducts construction compliance audit in order to evaluate project compliances as to specifications and project duration

• Submit reports for project non-compliant

Qualifications and Skills:

• Strong mathematical, architectural and civil work skills

• Ability to navigate specifications and plans

• Proficiency in demonstrating proposals and projects

• Ability to handle multiple assignments at once

• Close attention to detail

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

• Graduate of BS Civil Engineering

• 2- 3 years in civil estimation work

• Experienced in project management and construction audit

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