Accountant Fulltime

at CAT Media Group

Job Description

• Daily and correct use of QuickBooks software.

• Daily updating of top management monitorisng tools.

• Whole process for inflows [billing, receivables and others].

• Whole process for outflows [expenses, cost of goods sold and others].

• Budgeting [sets budgets and ensures it is followed].

• Financial models [projects, proposals, projections, reviews and others].

• Financial statements [income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement].

• Whole process for taxes, government compliance and other related expenses.

• Consistent cultivation of department processes and members adherence to it.

• Aids in working with banks for financing of projects and other related activities.

• Case to case audit of organization department and members.

• Other related activities.



• Must be knowledgeable in Accounting and Financial Principles with knowledge in QuickBooks or similar accounting software

• Must have at least 1 YEAR experience in Accounting

• Ability to work independently and meet internal and external deadlines


(1) Male/Female

a. Based in Cagayan de Oro

For inquiries, contact: 09667643299

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