Nurse Fulltime

at Sabal Hospital, Inc.

    Under the supervision of the Head Nurse, Thus, responsibilities are as follows:

    •   Gives direct nursing care. 
    •   Administer medications to patients using the standard of nursing practice.  
    •   Admits and discharges patients.
    •   Receives and transfers patients to other units.
    •   Assess the need of the patients and do appropriate planning of interventions together with the health care team.
    •   Implements dependent and independent nursing interventions as planned.
    •   Monitors and evaluates the care rendered to the patient.
    •   Sees to it that all the procedures done to the patient was properly documented.
    •   Carries –out doctor’s orders properly and intelligently.
    •   Do proper endorsement of all the procedures, treatments and medications given to patients.
    •   Do nursing rounds as frequent as possible.
    •   Assist the patient in their feeding and dietary needs.
    •   Observes medical asepsis in the performance of procedures.
    •   Delegates procedures to other nursing personnel appropriately.
    •   Provides psychological and spiritual support to the patients and their families.
    •   Prepares patient physically, mentally and emotionally before any procedure.
    •   Assists the physician in the performance of a procedure as needed.
    •   Provides health teachings to the patient and their families.
    •   Maintains order and cleanliness of the unit at all times.
    •   Maintains good relationship with all the hospital personnel.
    •   Attends meetings and conferences of the hospital.
    •   Ensures that the chart has complete entries ad proper chart arrangement is followed.

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