Case Manager Fulltime

at The Center for Behavioral Support - CDO

The Center for Behavioral Support is an intervention firm geared towards developing young professionals into responsible and discerning individuals to provide quality service to children and its clients.

Our batch of dynamic and innovative professionals is moving on to their next phase of career growth and we are looking for fresh talents to be part of our unique team!

CBS is looking for:


Skills and Competencies

  • Can build healthy relationships with children and parents 
  • Can collaborate with other professionals such as teachers, therapists, doctors and administrators 
  • Can gather relevant data and solve cases 
  • Can learn fast and strategize 
  • Can develop interesting and meaningful activities 
  • Can work and adjust well with different types of people 
  • Can communicate professionally with clients and workmates 
  • Have special talents and skills such as arts, sports, music 

General Responsibilities

Case Management Tasks such as:

  • Handling assigned clinical cases. 
  • Conducting social skills sessions, one – on – one clinical intervention and itinerant teaching. 
  • Implementation of behavior management strategies. 
  • Preparation and presentation Documentation and Behavioral Reports. 

How to Apply

Interested applicants must submit the following requirements at [email protected] Please address it to the Administrative Officer:

Cover Letter

Latest and updated Resume with 2×2 picture and at least 3 character references

For inquiries, please reach us at:

Mobile Number: 09178881246 or 09269682309

* Walk in applicants may bring their requirements at our office at Room 302 P&J Lim Bldg. Tiano Kalambaguha. This is near Inilog Grill, fronting Blessed Mother College where the JRS Express Courier is located and proceed to the 3rd floor. 

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