Kitchen Crew Fulltime

at Red Tail Shrimps Restaurant

Kitchen Crew


*20-30 years old

*highschool / college level


 They perform all the tasks in the kitchen other than cooking and serving

 They are the ones responsible for the hygiene of the kitchen and they have to clean so the kitchen remains clean before the surprise inspections

 They are responsible in prepping all food

 They have to remove the required ingredients from the pantry and have to clean and cut the ingredients in advance

 They have to assist the cooks when needed

 They have to fill up the positions of the absent staff and complete their duties

 They have to report to the kitchen head

 They have to train any new members of the kitchen staff regarding the work culture of the kitchen

 They have to clean all the equipment that is used in the kitchen

 They should not divulge any information about the kitchen to any outsider

 They receive all kitchen stocks and ingredients and ensure that all deliveries are of the standard quality

 They are responsible of washing all bar utensils, plates, glasses and all kitchen utensils.

 They are expected to follow HACCP principles and standards

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