Company Background and History
Destileria Limtuaco is the oldest distillery in the Philippines, established 1852, the maker of the famous White Castle Whiskey, Napoleon VSPO Brandy, and Maria Clara Red Wine. The Philippine market has always enjoyed the world-class quality that Destileria Limtuaco products have been known for. The distillery is proud of its wide range of distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages expertly blended and produced with the highest degree of manufacturing excellence, backed by 5 generations of master blenders, the finest liquor makers in the Philippines. For over 160 years, Destileria Limtuaco’s excellent brand portfolio consists of distilled spirits, whiskies, brandies, gins, rums, vodkas, tequilas, cocktails, herbal and sweet wines, and the original medicinal wines.


  • Male/Female; not more than 35 years old -atleast College level
  • with 6 months experience on merchandising
  • Willing to be a roving merchandiser
  • Knows how to do inventory
  • with pleasing personality
  • can work with minimum supervision
  • willing to travel and do field works

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