Modular Cabinet Maker Fulltime

at Grandblocks Corporation

Grandblocks Corporation is more than 20 years in the construction industry .

Job Overview:

Grandblocks Corporation is looking for a crafty and efficient Modular Cabinet Maker to create custom cabinets. He should be able to shape and design cabinets as per the clients’ requirements. Further, he should pick appropriate materials and finishing products to give the furniture a complete look.

Modular Cabinet Maker should be able to review and provide an appropriate work completion schedule. Besides, he should oversee and instruct fellow workers in shaping and trimming the wood correctly. He should have a detailed-oriented approach and the skill to offer high-quality products.

To fulfill the job requirements, he should be physically fit and have decent years of experience in cabinet making. His willingness to work for long and flexible hours will also be advantageous. Besides, he should demonstrate excellent leadership skills and teamwork ability.

If you have excellent cabinet making and technical skills, then do get in touch with us.

Responsibilities :

• Using hand tools and woodworking machinery for cutting, trimming, and shaping wood

• Making use of adhesives for fitting different cabinet components

• Applying polish or stain to ready furniture

• Sanding surfaces to remove any unevenness

• Repairing old furniture

• Reading and interpreting blueprints

• Outlining and cutting wood as per the dimensions

• Developing work completion timeline

• Assembling cabinet components using screws and hammers

• Ensuring all dimensions are correct

• Verifying the alignment of door handles, side panels, and hinges

• Selecting appropriate materials and tools

• Creating custom cabinet components

• Advising clients on the appropriate care for finished products


• High school diploma or equivalent

• Training program in cabinet making preferred

• Proven work experience in cabinet making or the Construction industry

• Familiarity with woodworking machineries like Bandsaw, drill press, and bench grinder

• Basic knowledge of different types of materials

• Know-how of the latest trends and styles in cabinet making

• Good analytical skills

• Good communication skills

• Ability to visualize and create intricate wooden designs

• Excellent time management skills

• Ability to offer increase level of customer service

• Displaying good physical and mental stamina

• Good leadership skills

• An eye for detail

• Strong technical skills

• Ability to lift heavy items

• Ability to work for long and flexible hours

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