JHS Technical Service Clerk Fulltime

at Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan

Job Summary:

The Technical Services Clerk helps the Learning Resource Center's responsibility of supporting the academic departments by providing sources of information, instructional materials and equipment, and services that will facilitate the teaching-learning process and effectively use the LRC as the information center of the school.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Performs preventive care and maintenance of the LRC computer software (OPAC) and undergoes troubleshooting and repairs of minor deficiencies and maintenance of the internet-connected computer units in the LRC; coordinates with the computer Laboratory Technician for major repairs.

2. Assist the users of AV equipment in the setting and manipulation of equipment.

3. Assists in the delivery of audio-visual materials and e-resources to faculty and students.

4. Performs the digitization of identified Audio-visual materials.

5. Conducts training for faculty and students on the proper manipulation, handling, and care of available AV and ICT equipment in the LRC.

6. Facilities the use of the ICT equipment with internet connections among the faculty and students and monitors their use for research-related activities only.

7. Performs other functions related to the above-mentioned duties or designated to him/her by the LRC supervisor.

Job Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science or any Computer Science- related courses

• Working knowledge of ICT applications

• Library experience is an advantage

• Highly trainable, dependable, team player and possesses excellent client relation skills

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