Radiologic Technologist Fulltime

at Sabal Hospital, Incorporated


  • Responsible for maintaining the flow of work and duties of all the Radiological personnel in the department.
  • Responsible for organizational policies and procedures.
  •  Examination on out-patient and in-patient cases.
  • Receives a physician's request for their respective patient for examination.
  • Calls every station if there is a patient in need of an X-ray.
  • Assist and orient patients to the proper procedures to do before undergoing examination.
  • Does recording and filing of patient's medical records.
  • Does the release of patients results.
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the following units. Will call the technician if the need arises: 
                  A. Shimadzu stationary radiographic 500mA X-ray Machine

                  B. Shimadzu portable mobile x-ray 150 Ma X-ray Machine

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