Motorpool Supervisor Fulltime

at Triple D General Manpower Services

Triple D General Manpower Services

is in need of Motor pool Supervisor

Job Description:

  • Performs various duties to coordinate the use of all motor pool assets. 
  •  Responds to all vehicle requests and maintains/updates the motor pool customer information page accessible through the world-wide-web. Coordinates fleet and driver requirements for all charter trips. 
  • Maintains maintenance, licensing/title, location assignment and usage records for all motor pool vehicles. Coordinates the use and availability of all motor pool assets to ensure all vehicles are ready for use.
  •  Directs and leads the work of others to accomplish equipment maintenance and motor pool tasks related to vehicle readiness and data collection/recording for inventory/property. 
  •  Maintains all administrative files for the motor pool and campus inventory records. Reports to the Facilities Inventory Control Analyst and Motor pool Coordinator.

  • Knowledge of the basic customer service principles.
  • Knowledge of modern office practices.
  • Knowledge of  vehicle and equipment requirements.
  • Knowledge of preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance principles.
  • Basic computer skills including the use of Microsoft Word and EXCEL.
  • Skill in written and oral communications.
  • Ability to prioritize and adjust to changing schedules.
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