Construction Management Head Engineer Fulltime

at Strategic Property Management 10 (SPM10)

1. Manages all development and implementation of a project

2. Manages complete engineering and construction project by planning, organizing, and controlling all elements of the project.

3. Oversee facility, equipment safety, manpower of the project site

4. Oversee project designs and plans, and helps develop project objectives.

5. Oversees project responsibilities by determining the phases and elements of the project

6. Oversees time frames and sequences the stages of the project

7. Oversee a description and timeline of the project

8. Attend project coordination meetings and other forms of communication, overseas and coordinates the technical aspects of the project

9. Oversee status reports and regularly monitors budgets, contractors and schedules.

10. Oversee project resources appropriately;

11. Oversee procedures, rules and regulations to those involved in the project; maintains a safe, clean and productive environment through enforcing procedures

12. Maintains project integrity and reputation through compliance with local regulations

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