Restaurant Manager Fulltime

at Hungry Plate

The Manager is responsible for the  planning, leading, organizing and controlling the work activities of the restaurant. 

  • Sets up a daily, weekly and monthly planning of work schedules and assignments
  • Oversees the activities of the Service Crew, seeing to it that standard serving and work quality procedures of taking orders, serving orders and securing proper payments are being implemented.
  • Sees to it that guest turnover, dispensing and cleaning procedures are carried out properly
  • Conducts regular stock  inventory and proper accounting of sales proceeds and expenses.
  • Attends to customer complaints elevated to this level
  • Implements Employee Rules and Regulations fairly
  • Maintains smooth workflow in the work area and improves productivity and waste control
  • Maintains over-all quality and safety in the workplace, including implementation of  personnel protective equipment and disposal of wastes
  • Implements training programs designed by top company management.
  • Performs such other jobs as may be required by superiors from time to time


As such he must possess at least 3 years work experience of the same or related field. A degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management is a clear advantage but a proven track record -- at least in supervisory capacity--- in a medium size restaurant will be considered in the selection process.

A brief resume must show the various activities he/she has gained mastery in supervision , whether in the Kitchen line or Front Service area.

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