Senior Team Leaders (Management Position) Fulltime

at NexusBond Asia Inc.


Is looking for:

Senior Team Leaders (Management Position)

Job Description:

NexusBond is a web development company. We are currently looking for Team Managers to manage teams of 4 developers while receiving instructions from a sales manager in the United Kingdom. Your job will be to ensure all work is understood and completed on time by your team of 4 developers.

You will need to assign work, check work and communicate with a sales manager, who will be located in the UK. All communication will be done via phone.

Experience in web design/development is not required, but is a bonus if you have these skills.

You must have management experience.


Communication Skills

- Perfect English

- Friendly and trustworthy

- Authoritative, born leader

Management Skills

- Experience managing teams of people

- Highly confident but not cocky

- Command respect

- Strict and passion for discipline

- Friendly and reassuring

- Great Eye for detail

Bonus Non Mandatory Skills

- Basic web design/development

Other Skills

- Stylish, aspirational character

Get the chance to become a team manager at NexusBond and start working with our team today!

Job perks and benefits:

- Fantastic day-time operating hours.

- Complimentary tea and coffee on a daily basis.

- Brand new space within a PEZA accredited building.

- Latest iMac, Windows & Linux computers. Extremely fast speeds.

- High speed internet.

- Work with a skilled team of friendly people.

- Government benefits as standard; SSS, Philhealth, HDMF Included!

- All national holidays included.

- Sick leaves included.

- Paternity and maternity leaves included.

- Transportation allowance

To apply, please send in your resume, cover letter, and your management experience to [email protected]

This is a one of a kind opportunity; apply today for an interview at the NexusBond’s headquarters!

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