Delivery Driver Fulltime

at Goldtown Industrial Sales Corporation

Job Summary: 

Responsible for the timely delivery of items to customers, other branches, or business affiliates, loads and unloads items from trucks properly. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Loading, Unloading, and Delivery 

o Loads, transports, and delivers items to clients, businesses or affiliates in a safe, timely manner. 

o Reviews orders before and after delivery to ensure that orders are complete, and the customer is satisfied. 

o Assists with the loading and unloading of items to and from the vehicles. 

o Adheres to the assigned routes and follows time schedules. 

• Vehicle and Cargo Management 

o Responsible for the proper and safe operation, maintenance and care, of the company vehicles. 

o Ensures road safety by abiding to traffic laws, maintains a good driving record. 

o Reports to Warehouse Supervisor for any damage or discrepancy in the delivery. 

• Customer Service and Other Tasks 

o Provides excellent customer service, answering questions, and handling complaints from clients. 

o Performs other related tasks as directed by the superior. 


• Diploma in Driving Course or any related training 

• Proven experience as Delivery Driver 

• Professional Driver’s License with codes 1, 2, 3 

• Law abiding with no pending traffic-related violation 

• Adequate physical strength 

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