Cashier Fulltime

at Aegis Gas Station

Shell Calamansi - Patag is in the business industry for 3 years and it is being operated by Aegis Gas Station. It is a small company that is looking for an employee who's willing to work with us.  We are looking for (1) cashier. The work of a cashier entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities and is well described by the job description example provided below: 

  • Handles money 
  • Welcomes customers, help with their queries
  • Reliable and honest 
  • Does merchandising 
  • Can multi-task 
  • Shifting of schedule 
  • Order supplies and other materials needed 
  • Does FIFO 
  • Checks expiry of all products 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Works on time 
  • trust-worthy
  • Maintains a clean work space
  • Willing to learn

Office Address:   Shell Calamansi - Zone 1, Patag, Cagayan de Oro (Beside APFSLAI) (088)881-1786

Salary :  Starts at minimum

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