Medical Social Worker Fulltime

at Sabal Hospital, Inc.
  • Conducts Intake Interview with the patient/watcher upon admission. Gathering patient\'s data/personal and socio-economic situation.
  • Assesses the financial capacity of the patient and his family and refers them to social welfare agencies for financial and medical assistance.
  • Classifies patient according to their capability to pay.
  • Provide counseling support/or crisis interventions for patients and their families who are facing stressful challenges.
  • Provides service across the continuum of care in various settings providing a range of services including continuity of care to ensure coordination of care within an organization or across different agencies.
  • Provides social case study report to clients who wish to avail medical and financial assistance from DSWD; provides endorsement/referral letter for PCSO medical and financial assistance.
  • Does other management related task: prepares monthly medical census report of the hospital and comparative report.
  • Conducts monthly customer/patient satisfaction survey.
  • Interprets and entertains complains from the patient regarding hospital services and report it to the Administrator.
  • Does daily report for the Hospital Board President on patients with big amounts of billing especially those whose pharmacy bills have exceeded the amount covered by PhilHealth (case to case basis).
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply.
  • Preferrably, a Registered Social Worker (RSW).

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