Maintenance Electrician Fulltime

at Triple D General Manpower Services

Triple D General Manpower 

Maintenance Electrician

Job Description:

  • Inspect on a routine basis electrical equipment, wiring, fixtures and other components to ensure they remain functional and are up to code, as well as to identify any hazards or issues. 
  • Determine the reasons for any malfunctions of systems or components, and create a maintenance or repair plan to solve the problem. 
  • Repair electrical systems, wiring, circuit breakers, equipment and other components so that they remains at full functioning capacity. 
  • Test systems with devices such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes and ohmmeters to ensure the system remains safe and that components are compatible. 
  • Review blueprints to understand the placement of wiring or to comprehend the working of the equipment to provide the right service and repairs. 
  • Provide suggestions on the lifespan of equipment and other electrical components, advising when certain components should be replaced due to potential risks. 
  • Keep records of all maintenance and repair work conducted, including a record of any supplies ordered and used. 
  • Ensure all routine maintenance work is handled on a regular schedule to reduce the risk of larger and more complex issues and to reduce costs.


  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • 3-5 years’ experience in electrical maintenance or associated work 
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills 
  • Preferred: 
  • Relevant electrician certifications 
  • Proven problem-solving skills 
  • Familiar with the National Electrical Code

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