Logistics Officer Fulltime

at Vepco Group Distribution Corp.


  • Bachelor degree in any Business related course, e.g. Marketing, Management, Financial Management, Communication Management
  • At least 1-2 years work related experience 
  • Strong attention to details and ensures accuracy of data provided
  • With good communication skills – should be able to speak, write and listen well



  • 1.    Communicate with Customer Service daily for stock status and reconcile record based on the data given; make adjustments upon verification with dispatcher, driver and depot personnel.
  • 2.    Receive approved bookings, update monitoring and facilitate delivery process through issuance of Authority to Load (ATL) to company hauler.
  • 3.    Coordinate with sales and hauler on the placement of orders according to tanker compartments and note estimated time of delivery.
  • 4.    Follow-up on Lorry Availability Advice (LAA) from area dispatchers and plot them on monitoring.
  • 5.    Inform sales team on the incoming delivery and consistently communicate with the supplier and hauler on the whereabouts of the delivery and other related concerns; make sure that all orders have been placed and that status of tanker’s loading of products is monitored. Any changes in delivery, product transfers or unexpected breakdown of tanker units should be immediately addressed and coordinated with the immediate head.
  • 6.    Ensure consistent and persistent monitoring on tankers that have urgent deliveries.
  • 7.    Facilitate documentation and reporting of incidents related to delivery variances.
  • 8.    Update Pending Monitoring
  • 9.    Schedule all orders within 42 hours
  • 10.    Update sales staffs delivery/ status pending order
  • 11.    Contact haulers (available tanker)
  • 12.    Coordinate with Dispatcher delivery status and update


  • 1.    Maintain and update daily DSL Orig report and forward to Accounting and immediate head before agreed cut-off.
  • 2.    Regular reconcile and update DSL Orig monitoring on any price changes and furnish updated copy to concerned departments.
  • 3.    Prepare weekly report for tankers produced and made available by company hauler with corresponding demand.
  • 4.    Prepare incident reports or any related issues and concerns on tankers, deliveries, depots etc.
  • 5.    Prepare weekly report pending orders.


  • 1.    Perform any other appropriately related duty as requested by the department head.

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