Customer Acquisition Manager Fulltime

at Phiire Corporation

Job Role: 

We’re looking for an individual who has experience warm calling or cold calling clients abroad to sell products. Individual should really understand the human psyche and what makes people want to buy a product or service. Job also entails utilizing online marketing tools (SEO, Social Media, Forums, Blogs, Mailchimp, etc.) to engage prospective leads and funnel those leads to our websites for registration. Individual follows up with prospective clients via chat, email, Team Viewer, or phone consultation.

The majority of the leads will be USA based so the individual should feel very comfortable conversing over the phone in English and able to go off script. Individual acts as the bridge between our companies’ online brands and our growing client base. 

Individual should be initiative driven and have a passion for real estate & technology. Ability to actively work the night shift is a must.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree or comparable work experience | Minimum 5 years as a sales Agent

Compensation: Starting at P20,000+

For interested please e-mailed at [email protected]

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